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Whitby Jet Large Polishing Cloth

Whitby Jet Large Polishing Cloth. Whitby Jet care cleaning cloth will keep your Whitby Jet jewellery in pristine condition and polish up Whitby Jet gemstones to a gleaming deep black shine. It is also excellent for cleaning silver items and easily removes tarnish from Sterling Silver. Specially designed cleaning cloth for your all your Whitby

Town Talk Exquisite Silver Sparkle, 225ml

Town Talk Exquisite Silver Sparkle 225ml, SILDIP. A special dip designed for cleaning small silver items and silver jewellery. Town Talk’s Silver Sparkle is very easy to use and will banish silver tarnish before your eyes! Simply place each item in the dipping basket, leave it for two minutes – or a little longer, if necessary

Town Talk Exquisite Jewel Sparkle Dip, 225ml

Town Talk Exquisite Jewel Sparkle Dip 225ml, GOLDDIP. This quick and easy to use product is the best way to clean all your gold, platinum and diamond jewellery, including rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. If your jewellery has lost its shine, this is an easy was to restore it’s gleam. Simply place your jewellery into the